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Secrets of Winning the Lottery – Six Mistakes that People Make

secrets of winning the lotteryDid you ever want to know the real secrets of winning the lottery? Perhaps you should ask the man who has won it several times. Richard Lustig bought his first lottery lottery ticket over twenty seven years ago. Now today, he has won it seven times – that’s right, seven times. And now he is hoping to jump in on the nation’s biggest Powerball game. If you read his book, Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, you will learn that it is only one portion of his mission in life – teaching other how to strategically play the lottery. How’s that for learning the secrets of winning the lottery. To help get us going, here are the six biggest mistakes you must avoid.

Don’t Rely on Luck
If you were to wish Richard Lustig some luck prior to a lottery drawing, he will tell you not to bother because he simply does not need it. As with anything that you are new in trying, you must get yourself informed before you try it. Playing the lottery is no different. Lustig tells us, “If you’re at a friend’s house, and everyone says ‘Let’s play Monopoly!’ and you don’t know how to play, the first thing you’re going to do is ask them how to play.”

Don’t Ever Get Quick Picks
If you don’t know, a “quick pick” is a computer-generated ticket which the clerk at the store will print out for you. This mean you are giving up the option to pick the numbers yourself. Even though there are lots of people who have won big with these quick picks, millions more players have gotten burned playing them too.

Do Not Play Birthdays
So many newcomers to lotteries love to use dates like birthdays and anniversaries to when filling out their tickets. But when you are actually limiting yourself by picking these numbers and this will decrease your chance of winning. For instance, Powerball asks you to select five numbers from 1 to 69, but when you use a date, then you are only picking numbers from 1 to 31 and eliminating over half of your options. “If you’re going to pick your own tickets, make sure to spread your choices out over the gamut of choices they give you to pick from,” Lustig warns.

Do Not Ever Change Your Numbers
As soon as you decide on your number combination, you need to stay with them. It is damn near impossible for identical winning numbers to show up again, so each time you get the same numbers, you are increasing your odds of winning the next time.

Don’t Be a Sucker for Lottery Scams
If you ever get a letter, email, or a phone call claiming that you have just won 85 million dollars, and you just need to give them $1,500, don’t be a sucker. “You can’t win a lottery that you didn’t buy a ticket in,” Lustig points out. In addition, you should not ever need to pay money to get any kind of winnings in the first place.

Don’t Ever Believe in a “Lottery Curse”
Even though sometimes it might seem there is something to the lottery curse because many people who have won them in the past often end losing and going bankrupt just a few years later. Lustig simply believes that these people did not understand how to manage their money in the first place.

“Pay off your house, pay off your credit cards, pay off your loans. Make yourself debt-free. You didn’t have that money yesterday, so put it to good use,” he cautions. His recommended second step: “Hire yourself a good accountant, and a good financial planner. They will help set you up with a financial plan so that your future is protected.” Once that is done, why not have some fun? “Go out and buy the talking cars,” he laughs.

Some great secrets of winning the lottery from someone who knows.

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