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Key to Winning the Lottery – Using Math and Logic

Key to Winning the LotteryWouldn’t you love to know the real key to winning the lottery? Here are some strategies that are actually based on math and logic. These are often known as reality-based methods. And when you learn such as methods like wheeling, tracking, and pooling, you will see that you odds have improved.

Believers in these systems are very much knowledgeable about the odds that are available to them. They are aware that when playing Florida’s Lotto, there are some 22,957,480 potential combinations for their 53 numbers. This is merely another way of knowing that when you buy one play, your odds of winning are 22,957,480 to one. But these odds get a whole lot better when playing the Little Lottos or even the Dailies. As we see often, “realists” like these usually avoid games like this which have larger payoffs – and also larger odds as well. This is most likely the key to winning the lottery.

Whenever they decide to play the bigger games, these players will do everything in their power to improve their chances. Most folks who participate in these lottery-number selection techniques and methods and also repeat winners all agree that two methods stand above all else – these are tracking and wheeling should always be used by serious players.

Tracking Systems
This very popular system is also called a frequency analysis approach. To be brief, it requires a person to keep track of each individual number that has been drawn across a certain time period. You could actually compare this to the handicapping of a racehorse – where you would access his performances in the past to ascertain the chances of his winning races in the near future.

Numbers which are appearing often in certain games are usually referred to as hot numbers. Some of these players continue to play hot numbers exclusively as they assume that because they have popped up several times in the past, then they ought to appear again in the near future. But it is really not quite as simple as this. There are yet other players who feel that such numbers could be on the way out. Thus, these players do the opposite and track cold numbers – which are ones that are overdue, by their logic.

And then they are players who make it even more complex by playing a combination of these hot and cold numbers. Some of them will actually play a combination of personal numbers to go along with these hot and cold numbers. And even though at times there appears to be trends occurring, lottery organizers go way out of their ways to ensure that they drawings are completely random.

Wheeling Systems
Here is something that has maybe frustrated you and in the past. I am talking about the times that you perhaps buy several lottery tickets and that you actually picked all of the winning numbers, but none of them were on the same ticket. Expert players love to claim that a solid wheeling system would help you lock in these favorite numbers and greatly increase your chances of winning.

Wheeling is not a method for picking numbers; rather it is an overall strategy for utilizing all of your numbers. Wheeling is comprised of creating a master list with your very best picks, and then play them in different combination using some sort of coded system. Some of these wheels even come with guarantees of specific wins. This is truly the key to winning the lottery.

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